Season 19/20
Extra Files

2019/20 Season Updates

Season 19/20 Update 3 - January (Beta)

This is our third update for the 2019/2020 season. We have not finish testing but we have run multiple new save-games without any problems.


Season 19/20 Update 2

This is our second update for the 2019/20 season. We have update all the teams you could choose, there is a new Team and Manager file. Also we created a new in-game font.


Season 19/20 Update 1

This is our new season 2019/20 update. In the excel sheet you could find all the teams we have checked and how has checked them. Players database is sorted on Potential.

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Back-up your current files before you apply the new update!



Ruben Kahlun

This is the season 2019/20 update from Ruben Kahlun. Download


2019/20 Pre-Season Updates

Background picture

New Start-Up pictures with Jürgen Klopp made by Mister Flashman; Jurgen

Pre-Season Players & Teams

Update 3

This is the third update for the new season 2019/20. In the Players data the new season transfers till 27-7-2019.
(We removed the teamdata because of problems)

Update 2

This is the second update for the new season 2019/20. We have checked the following:

Current season Players and next season Transfers from the leagues in: 

Dutch 2de league, German 2de league, France 2de league, Turkey 1ste league, Spanish 2de league is half way in this update, New teamdata (changed Paris-SG to PSG and W.B.A. to WBA), Transfers.


Update 1 

We made a start with the new season 2019/20 Update. We have checked the following:

Current season Players and next season Transfers from the Highest Leagues in:

Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Scotland, Portugal, Spain, Italy.

Turkey will be the next league to check.