Season 19/20
Extra Files

Championship Manager 97/98 V2.94

The original Championship Manager 97/98 with wagefix. Download 


 Championship Manager 97/98 V2.93 (Patched version)

The full Championship Manager 97/98 V2.93 game incl. Editors. Download


Championship Manager 97/98 V2.93 (Patch only)

The original Championship Manager 97/98 V2.93 Patch. Download


Championship Manager 97/98 V2.81 (Original version)

The full Championship Manager 97/98 V2.81 game. Download 


 Wage Fix

Wage Fix for V2.81 Download

Wage fix for V2.93 Download


Wage Fixes made available by: Paulo.


Season 2015 / 2016

New Players database from November. Download
(Update Italy, Spain and Portugal)

The latest files for season 15/16 (Players, Managers, Teams and CM2E16.exe) Download 

Season 2014 / 2015

January 2015 Transfer Window Players Update. Download
March 2015 Team and CM2E16.exe Update. Download
January 2015 Manager Update. Download

November 2014 Players update. Download
(Germany 1st and 2de, France 1st and 2de, Netherlands 1st and 2de, Portugal 1st, England 1st, Scotland 1st, Turkey 1st, Spain 1st and Italy 1st and 2de are ready. The other leagues need some extra work. The players with the potential from 180 - 200 are checked with Football Manager 2015 stats. Ajax is also Football Manager 2015 ready. The Team and new CM2E16.exe will follow soon!)

November 2014 Managers update. Download
(Latest manager file from November)
Pre- Season 2014 / 2015

Summer season 2014-2015 version 1. Download
(The German, France, England and the Netherlands first leagues are ready. The others leagues are checked but need some extra work. All the files are oké with no crashes)

WK 2014 / Pre-season *Beta* Update. Download
(B Many Minor Team players because of missing Italian B-teams. See the Excel sheet for the progress so far.) 

Season 2013 / 2014 Updates

Season 2013/14 fourth update. Download

Season 2013/14 third update. Download

Season 2013/14 second Update. Download

Season 2013/14 first Update. Download


Season 1987 / 1988 update. DownloadCr Championship Manager 1 Collection

 Championship Manager 1 Collection. Download


France cm2e16.exe and language file. Thanks to Cédric Guillevin we could bring you the France version of CM97/98. 

Italian cm2e16.exe and language file. Thanks to Stefano aka TCPMA we could bring you the Italian version of CM97/98. 

Dutch-Belgium CM2e16.exe and language file. Thanks to Vincent Beyens and Gert we could bring you the Dutch-Belgium version of CM97/98.  


   Spanish Match commentary file by Molecula Bob: Download


Latin American Leagues A; with Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay and Uruguay. Readme in the files.

Latin American Leagues B; with Argentina, Brazil Colombia Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. Readme in the files.

Turkish League.

USA League.

Israel League.

World League.

Patched made available by: Steve Luggar.



Boahs CM Editor


Mind Compression Utility Pack

Tri Wasono CM Editor

Ultimate CM Editor

Tech Editor

CM Hacker

CM97-98 Rules

Editors made available by: Steve Luggar.