Championship Manager 97/98

Season 21/22

Tips & Tricks

On this page we collect the best Tips & Tricks to be a successful manager. 

- Sort the Players database on Potential. This is very helpful to find the best "Free Transfer" and "ReGen players".

- Use an Editor to search the Ability / Potential / Reputation values. (not everyone agrees with this tip)

- Use Friendly matches at the start of an new season. Play agains B or Non League teams. If you win with high scores, the tactic is oké. If you don't win with high scores, change tactics.

- Replace a player if his condition is below 90%.

- Select players that have a high form.

- Don't change to much if you pick your best 11.

- If you buy a new player, don't put him directly in your first 11 because you end up with unhappy players. 

- If you have a big squad, it could result in more unhappy players. Specially with only 3 subs allowed.

- If you search a player, use filters. Some tips for filters are on the Marc Vaughan page.

Another page with helpful tips, is the page from Marc Vaughan. You could find his page with the following link: