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ManagerOld @ManagerOld
03-04-23 11:15:11
Ruben's update is corrupted.
The Norbert-Andrea-Kev update is suspended until further notice and this site will soon cease to exist :(
I leave my twitter to continue exchanging things cm9798. Remember that the active community of cm9798 is on twitter.
I will try to launch CONCABOL22 after Easter. This is a supermegapack of 16 Conmebol-Concacaf leagues in previous/after Qatar versions (21/22 & 22/23) in English and Spanish Languages.

On twitter:
Liam Hatch
30-03-23 17:50:04
Also being met with the name error, upon saving the game and reloading at another time

Anybody found a fix for this yet?
19-03-23 03:56:41
Follow up note:

Actually even a lot of manager names (including my surname) turned into "0000A<T> get the match underway" after saving the game and loading it again.
It is a strange error.
19-03-23 03:24:18

Thanks for the latest 22/23 update (Ruben Kahlun Season 22/23 Update)
One quick comment: there is a strange surname for some of the non playing / shadowed out players ("0000A<T>to get the match underway")
Norbert Beerten
06-03-23 09:01:48
Hello Bjarne,

No problem Erik will fix it. We lost 6-2 against Feyenoord and still won the Championship!
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