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Season 21/22


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29-09-22 04:09:30
Hi Bjarne,

Do you have an issue with your history as a manager not showing the past accomplishments?

I found a problem where “final league positions” and “competitions won” pages are limited to 5-6 lines after playing the game long (+6-7 years).

Also, I have more background images if anyone wants.

An interactive tactics page would be great. So people can share their experiences (e.g., win rates) for each tactic.
Bjarne Larssen
28-09-22 20:12:40
I use 2 wingbacks with lines up to the oppositions 18 yard box, 3 central defenders, 2 Attacking midfielders in the middle of the field with lines up and to the sides if you understand. 1 in support and 2 strikers
Direct play.

Hope u understood me guigzi :)
28-09-22 18:12:50
Hello Bjarne Larssen,

Could you send me the tactic you use please
Bjarne Larssen
28-09-22 16:35:58
Hi good ppl...

Just anupdate from my side: Playing with Man U & 5 leagues. 16th season, and no trouble so far
Bjarne Larssen
25-09-22 01:00:00
HI guys.

Just wondering if anyone got regen players with cool or spesial names... Can anyone beat "DIOGO MARAFONA" hehehe ???
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