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Norbert Beerten
06-12-21 08:57:44
Hello AD, it would be great if you could ask CharleMagne9798 on Twitter. I don't have Twitter, so I couldn't ask have. We do not use a tactics editor at the moment. And I will check this in my own game as soon as possible.

03-12-21 17:45:57
Hi Norbert,

Yes, you mean the CM9798, right? It has the same problem. Dosbox crashes when clicked on tactics page. And there is no national under21 listed. They are all void, and when I click on an empty U21, Dosbox freezes.

@CharleMagne9798 from Twitter had the same issue, and fixed it somehow. I can ask him how he did it, if you want.

I think the problem with his version was he used Tactics editor to replaced the original cm9798 tactics with user-defined ones (e.g., replace 442 with 4231).
Norbert Beerten
02-12-21 07:43:26
Hi AD, Ruben is still working on a fix. Did you try our previous update that you could find on the "News" page? Looking forward to your reply.

01-12-21 22:10:51
Please disregard my previous message. It turns out it was the version where I copy pasted 21-22 db1 files to an older cm9798 version to make it work.
I couldn't get the version 2 ( to work. When clicked on the tactics, the game crashes and exits. I'm guessing it is something to do with the tactics editor. And players are 4 years younger than they actually are.
Any advise on how to make it work?
01-12-21 00:54:52
This is a very fun update. I like the player database. I 'm guessing there will be updates to player database (e.g., in version 2, CR7 is in Juve). Also in the second year, half of the national teams' names do not show up during international games. When clicked on the name of the team, dosbox freezes. Is it possible to fix that?
Thank you,
Norbert Beerten
24-11-21 10:04:02
Hi Roberto Roberto, in the CM9798 file that I put on the "news" page your question is already oké.

Norbert Beerten
24-11-21 09:51:05
On the news page you could find the latest update of last year. Some of you made that request. As you could see, the background is changed to David his Team.
Norbert Beerten
22-11-21 11:22:29
Hi to all of you. Just for info.
- Manager file, we need to change the FM22 stats for around 200 managers. And of course keep on checking for new and sacked managers.
- Players file, we create a complete new players database. At the moment I'm adding Ability/­Potential/­Reputation from FM22 in this new file. More then 10.000 players so I hope you understand that this takes time. Next week we run a new export with the exports from FM22.
- Teamdata, the leagues tables are up-to-date but we need checking this for problems and improvements.
- We need to wait for Nick+Co for the new CM2E16!

I will try to put the latest update from last year online as soon as possible.

Looking forward to your comments with any improvements what so ever. And please send your favourite team for the background!

22-11-21 11:11:24
Hi Norbert et al. Congrats on the new website and looking forward to new update with FM21-22 player+manager stats.!

Best wishes

Norbert Beerten
16-11-21 14:49:51
Hello everybody, this week I started with adding the FM22 ability/­potential/­reputations stats in our complete new Players database. At the moment the database contains 10.000 players.

Also I will change the Managers stats to FM22. My first prio is to finish that. After that, I will spent some more time on the website and bring back files from the previous website. If you looking for a specific file, please send me a message and I will send that file.

Please send in your favourite team, so it could be a new background for the website!


Roberto Roberto
16-11-21 11:25:51
Hi Again,

Or if I change 0 to 1 in data editor for every national team, could work?
Roberto Roberto
15-11-21 17:26:38
Hi everybody,

Thanks for the great job!
I was wondering if it exist a patch which remove the 3 foreign players limit with the original season 97/98 ?

Bob Vacendak
13-11-21 19:00:58
Now i use Ampshell...
And then- game crash and quit :(
(I play with Atalanta)
Robert Robert Dixon
13-11-21 16:52:36
Hi Norbert. Are we getting back a link to the files from previous seasons. Love playing some of the previous updates that you've done, especially the 2.93 patch version etc.
Ruben K.
12-11-21 11:01:33
At the moment this update guarantees 1 to 15 seasons. I hope to be able to solve the problems arising from first and last names with special accents.
Norbert Beerten
11-11-21 16:51:57
Hello Mantecaa, I send Ruben an e-mail to double check his update. There is nothing I could do because we didn't make the update. We will start working on the new Players updates very soon. FM22 is released so we are almost ready to go.

10-11-21 23:23:38
Hi All. testing the new updates here with 3 leagues and still getting the Illegal Read crash once in a while. To fix it I just copy/paste the update again and it works fine for one more season or so. Anyway player history is cleared when doing this and a lot of stats are lost. What is the best way, or dosbox configuration, to run the game without getting this crash? this is something recent to me with the last couple of updates , the previous years I was always able to download, replace files, and run the game normally without any crash. Thank you!
J K Chua Chua Joon Keng
09-11-21 15:13:31
Thanks Mr Norbert. I will try it.
Norbert Beerten
09-11-21 14:02:53
Hi J K Chua Chua Joon Keng,

Download and install DosBox. Then download and unzip AmpShell (Unzip in the DosBox folder is prefered). Start AmpShell as Administrator. Create CM9798 folder in AmpShell and select the CM2E16.exe in your CM folder on your C: drive. Now you could play.

Hope this simple instructions is enough.


Bob Vacendak
07-11-21 16:10:33
Thanks for the new version.
Another errors:
- a large white bar appears in the center of the playing field
- the name of my new defender (Matty Fould) disappeared from the formation.
(not from the list of names)
- and the the error-code mentioned in my previous post is still alive.
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