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Season 21/22


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Harry F
24-05-23 16:01:59
Hi, all the best with future endevours! I still play 19-20 update which for me was the pinnacle of updates. The addition of tactics editor from champan was also an excellent bonus. Many thanks for all the effort.
Baatar Shinryu
27-04-23 18:25:40
I'm sad to hear these things, but I wish you the best of luck in life. I hope everything you imagined comes true :(((
Norbert Beerten
16-04-23 19:51:09
Hello All, on 7 April Andrea and I meet in Eberstein - Austria and we decided we will stop working on the updates and there will be no new updates from us (Andrea, Kev, Norbert). We will focus on our real world career in football. Andrea is the manager of his own team now and I'm studing at the Ajax Coaching Academy and Number 12 voetbal academy. If you are interested, follow our progress with LinkedIn. The website will be online till October 2023.


Norbert - Andrea - Kev
Baatar Shinryu
16-04-23 09:23:26
I hope there will be an update, don't forget how much work! I trust them.
I hope they come back. :(
03-04-23 22:35:41

That's a shame about this website and 22-23 update. It would be great to keep the website alive and do the 22-23 update.
I'm also in twitter for those who are interested in cm9798 analysis, tips, tricks.
ManagerOld @ManagerOld
03-04-23 11:15:11
Ruben's update is corrupted.
The Norbert-Andrea-Kev update is suspended until further notice and this site will soon cease to exist :(
I leave my twitter to continue exchanging things cm9798. Remember that the active community of cm9798 is on twitter.
I will try to launch CONCABOL22 after Easter. This is a supermegapack of 16 Conmebol-Concacaf leagues in previous/after Qatar versions (21/22 & 22/23) in English and Spanish Languages.

On twitter:
Liam Hatch
30-03-23 17:50:04
Also being met with the name error, upon saving the game and reloading at another time

Anybody found a fix for this yet?
19-03-23 03:56:41
Follow up note:

Actually even a lot of manager names (including my surname) turned into "0000A<T> get the match underway" after saving the game and loading it again.
It is a strange error.
19-03-23 03:24:18

Thanks for the latest 22/23 update (Ruben Kahlun Season 22/23 Update)
One quick comment: there is a strange surname for some of the non playing / shadowed out players ("0000A<T>to get the match underway")
Norbert Beerten
06-03-23 09:01:48
Hello Bjarne,

No problem Erik will fix it. We lost 6-2 against Feyenoord and still won the Championship!
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