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Season 21/22


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17-05-22 16:26:41
Thanks, Norbert. That is exciting news!

Nick+co 21-22 v3 update has around 432 managers compared to ~885 in your 20-21 version. I'm guessing you need to add and edit a lot of managers. Nick+co v3 has 20000 players compared to OG ~13122 and your latest 20-21 ~17542. So that's good.

Are you going to give an option to use original fonts and not use the commentary text?

Also, can you add B-teams for major teams?

Looking forward to the new version.
Thank you,
Norbert Beerten
16-05-22 15:43:04
The new .exe update contains a lot of new stuff. You could managed at least 4 nations, 5 subs in England and Scotland, new tactics, colours for the player values. In the guestbook you could find info about the update from Nick+Co. We used many of those thinks and more. We received the new .exe from David and when we receive the new database files we will share it to you to test. Lets hope everything is running without problems.

Robert Robert
15-05-22 08:42:47
What is in the New EXE update?
I'm still using Virtual PC as I find the DosBox too slow on a low-end laptop.
Norbert Beerten
12-05-22 16:35:46
Our goal is to work on the files till Sunday. Then we will create new databases and the new CM2E16.exe. Then we will test and send the files to some people to test. Hopefully we could release the new update soon.

After that release, there will be an other update soon after. That update contains different leagues and more players and other improvements after testing and your input.

12-05-22 16:19:14
Can I have the tests too please
mantecaa mantecaa
12-05-22 01:25:58
Happy to help with any testing also as well!
Norbert Beerten
11-05-22 15:43:03
Hello AD, we had the name problem in the past. I believe we fixed it in our files. We have 809 managers in our file. This week I will try to add our new tactics to the update!!! I will send you an email with the tactics so you know whats coming...

11-05-22 15:38:15
Great news, thanks Norbert. I'd be happy to test the new version. I use Dosbox on an iMac.

If you are using Nick+co's latest version, they had issue with manager names disappearing after a save (probably to do with Mac Dosbox). They also had a lot of managers missing (the version had 300 managers in the database instead of typical 900). Also, the players had no international caps.
Norbert Beerten
10-05-22 18:07:23
Good news, the first testing is started with the new files. If we could share them with you to test we let it know. We hope to release the new updates soon!

Baatar Shinryu
08-05-22 20:52:52
There is a small problem. (new version, new manager data). If i enter both my names, there is ONLY ONE name in the club details. I hope it is resolved in the next update. Keep up the goood work!
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