Championship Manager 97/98

Season 21/22


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Norbert Beerten
29-09-23 08:26:05
Hello Guigzi, please check the EDITHELP.DOC in your CM folder for the answer. There you can find lots of other info as well.

28-09-23 17:09:36
Hello, how to remove non-EU players in cm9798 please
guigzi guigzi
04-09-23 17:24:59
Hello, could someone tell me where can I find the new updates please
CM9798v2 CM9798v2
18-07-23 13:15:48
Hi AD. So you have just lifted the backgrounds of the V2 project into your download, without asking or posting about it.
David @ManagerOld
19-06-23 05:19:02
Hello guys!

I have released my update 22-23, I hope you all enjoy it!

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