Championship Manager 97/98

Season 21/22


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Guillaume guigzi18
20-01-22 17:25:40
Hey Juan,

If you have a good training in this game, can you send it to my email address: please.
Juan C
20-01-22 16:54:57
Hey! Congratulations for the site and thank you for all your hard work! Its amazing we are still playing this terrific game in 2022! i have been struggling in finding a background pack, nothing wrong with Bobby Robson, but i was wondering if someone could help me find the original stadiums pack. Thank you so much! Juan
13-12-21 21:57:03
Yes, CharleMagne9798 is right. It turns out the issue was on my end. Rebooting the Dosbox solved the problem.
Sorry for the confusion :D
CharleMagne9798 .
13-12-21 21:37:42
"I think the problem with his version was he used Tactics editor to replaced the original cm9798 tactics with user-defined ones (e.g., replace 442 with 4231)."
<<--- that was not it, that was your own guess :) Having a look as we speak.
Norbert Beerten
06-12-21 08:57:44
Hello AD, it would be great if you could ask CharleMagne9798 on Twitter. I don't have Twitter, so I couldn't ask have. We do not use a tactics editor at the moment. And I will check this in my own game as soon as possible.

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