CM 97/98 Season 18 / 19


We have release a new working update. See the list for all the fixes. Looking forward to your replies or improvements. 


We have removed the Test Update. We would like to thank you all for your input. We know here the problems come from and we work hard to release a final update soon. Our goal is to release it before November.


- We have released an "Test Update". So it is not the final version. It would be great if people would like to test this version so we could improve the mistakes and release a final version soon. Very much looking forward to all your replies with improvements.


- We have removed the Guestbook because of all the spammers,
- We have a new team member to help us with the updates. His name is José Gonçalves from Portugal,    
- We have a new website design for the new season, 
- We will work on the new update till the end of this week. Then we will test the update for about a week and you could all play with the new files in a couple of weeks,
- Ruben Kahlun send us his first new update, you could download his update on the 18/19 page,


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